Our plastic pallet and crate services are tailored by sector

Every industry sector has specific requirements when it comes to servicing your reusable transit packaging.  As specialists in pallet and crate washing as well as inspect and repair services, we understand these differences.

tickWe follow your sector requirements fully and consistently ensuring asset utilisation and profitability are maintained and your reputation is not negatively impacted.

tickWe accommodate multiple types of reusable assets that include – pallets, bale crates, dolavs, dollys and bins. We understand how they are used in your supply chain and what is sensitive to the sector.

tickWe’re focused on providing peace of mind and confidence that your assets are appropriately serviced and your reputation protected.

fmcg-1Cross contamination, hygiene rigour, shelf life and quality are key criteria for any FMCG and food manufacturing business. Whether you’re a recognised household brand or supporting one, reputation is key. Your pallets and crates can not be compromised and become the weak link in your chain. Inspections ensure spillages, mould and stickiness are identified before washing. Our wash services provide bio trace tests, a multi stage and a two temperature wash process. A thorough drying process ensures no residual moisture is left to damage your products in transit. And shrink wrapping adds the final level of protection. An optional label removal service improves the presentation of your RTP.

retail-1Protecting your products and making sure that they arrive with the consumer in perfect condition is a prerequisite. Quality presentation including the highest hygiene standards is essential to protect your brand and reputation. Inspection and repair of pallets and crates is key to ensuring goods aren’t damaged in transit but specialist wash facilities with automated bio trace swabs, multi wash, rinse and dry processes are a must have. However, every retail operation needs to know that its reusable crates and pallets will be ready when they need them. We offer a flexible, agile service for your reusable transit packaging that can scale to meet your demands as they fluctuate. Whether it’s on a contract or one off assistance we can help.

automotive-1If the motor components or parts your business relies on are to reach you in perfect condition, the plastic pallets and crates that carry them need to be pristine – free from oil and grease. Our pallet and crate washing services ensure that even the most stubborn contaminants are removed.

pharma-1This sector has some highly specialised requirements. Cross contamination is a not an option. An efficient and highly reliable washing process is essential to ensure that spillages are properly removed. Equally important though are the post wash processes. Full drying and onward transit protection for your RTP is available to ensure that clean products are not damaged.

packaging-1 If you’re involved in providing packaging for food preparation areas, you’ll know that the demands to move away from traditional wooden packaging is increasing, often with targets to grow 'non- wood' areas in the food production environment. But your RTP needs to be washed and it's essential that hygiene and quality standards are maintained. Our multi stage wash and dry process are built to meet these needs and can be tailored to the demands of your specific food prep area.